Gather 6 friends and go for the trip FOR FREE!

Enjoy your summer vacations totally FOR FREE! This is what you have to do:

Gather a group of at least 6 non-polish speaking friends

Book the cruise of your choice for the group of your friends.

Enjoy your vacations totally for free!




Referral Codes

Get 50 EUR discount for yourself and 50 EUR discount for your friends!

Step #1 - Wybierz kierunek

Choose a cruise from our offer and recommend it your non-polish speaking friends.

Step #2 - Wybierz jacht

Log in to your Customer Panel at where in the "Invite a friend" tab you will find your unique Referral Code. Send it to your friends, who are going on a cruise.

Step # 3 - Ciesz się rejsem1

When your friend will sign up for his/her first trip, she/he should type in the code in “Referral Code” field. After finalization of the booking, he/she will receive a 50 EUR discount on booked trip and you will receive a 50 EUR discount on the trip of your choice from our offer.

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