How to book holidays on a sailing yacht?

It is simple! Only 3 simple steps separate you and your friends from an unforgettable adventure!

Choosing the saililng destination

1. Choose your trip

Probably the most tricky part - pick the trip that best fits your expectations! Find the one that suits your plans, your budget and your personality and experience!

2. Book online

After picking the trip you sign up on our website, choose the yacht class and book the trip! You can book for yourself only or take someone along! And if you have a big group of friends it's best to book an entire yacht!

3. Set sail!

After booking and easy online payments you're almost there! Just show up in the harbour on the right time and we will take care of you! Jump on board, hoist the sails and enjoy vacation of your life! Certainly you won’t regret it.


The Boat Trip Booking System

For your convenience we created easy-to-use subscriptions system that allows you to register in few moments and then book the cruise.

Rezerwacja pojedynczych miejsc

Book individual places

If you want to book a trip just for you (or you and you friends) use the option BOOK A PLACE OR A CABIN on the trip page. Click "Book", and then select how many people you want. In the next step, enter* necessary data and it’s ready! By booking this way you will be accommodated in a 2-person cabin with a double bed or with a bunk bed.

Note: the main booker takes responsibility for the booking management in case of a multiperson booking. Main booker has to pay attention to deadlines and pass all information to your friends.

Rezerwacja 2-osobowych kabin

Book a 2-man cabin

If you are two and desire to have a guaranteed accommodation in a private cabin with a double bed, also use BOOK A PLACE OR A CABIN option, choose the yacht class, click "Book", and then select the "2-man cabin" in the next step, enter* the personal dataand welcome aboard!

Note: if you do not care about the type of bed (double or bunk), you can also book 2 single places instead of a cabin – still stay together on one boat, but you may be accommodated in the cabin with a bunk bed.

Rezerwacja całego jachtu

Book a whole yacht

If you are a team of 6-11 people, just select the option BOOK THE WHOLE BOAT, pick a yacht of your choice and specify* the composition of your crew! You don't need any sailing knowledge – we’ll assign a professional, english-speaking skipper who will take care of everything free of charge!

All in all it's the best thing you can do! Why? Because whle crew is your friends and you save 50 EUR pp. in comparison to the individual bookings!

* - You dont have to type in all data during the booking process, you can do it later in your account. However, if you provide your friend's e-mails, they will get the access to your booking and will be able to fill in their data by themseves. Each person sees ony his/her data.


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