How to choose a sailing holidays

We organize trips all over the world, but no matter where are you going with us, you can be sure that:

  • Your sailing experience is irrelevant - our trips are for everyone!
  • We'll provide you with an experienced skipper, who will take care of everything
  • Yacht will be modern, safe, comfortable and 100% seaworthy
  • All crew members will be young and the gender ratio will be balanced
  • You are going to have amazing fun - no stress, no sweat and no worries!
Sail & Party
Sail & Explore
Sail & Adventure

Trips marked with a green band on the list. What is specific for them? First of all - the size of the fleet. Often over 25 vessels, lots of young people, tons of parties, fun and joy. Numerous daystops with snorkeling, diving and jumping into the water, drinks and chillout. Less time under sail, the easiest seas with almost no waves and short hauls.

It is the perfect choice if you want to gently enter the world of sailing, go crazy on the parties and if you are looking for a big event!

Sample day on a yacht during Sail & Party trip



Wake up! But not too early, about 9-10 AM. Shower, coffee, a bit of tidying up the boat after last night party. Scrambled eggs with another coffee, filling water tanks etc. Departure about 11-ish.



After leaving the harbour you set the sails together with your skipper and calmly sail towards the picuresque bay for 2-3 hours, where the whole fleet meets for a day-stop: swimming and chilling.



You hoist the anchor, unfurl the sails and leave the bay. It's time for sunbathing, napping, reading or cooking and munching on snacks. About 4-5 PM you arrive to the next port of call - everyday somewhere else!



After docking you have some time to refresh yourself and then go see the city! Explore the old town with your friends, take pictures, find a cozy tavern serving local food and get ready for the tonight's party!



About 10 PM a huge party in the club takes off! It is exclusivly for our group! Our best DJ will play just for you and special deals await you at the bar. Have fun, dance, drink and sing till the sunrise!

Trips with the yellow band - a bit less spectacular, but more exotic, focused rather on exploring new places, discovering new countries and tasting different cultures. Fleet usually consists of 3-6 boats which allows for more flexibility and agility. Distances are a bit longer, sometimes we even sail at night - it's an unforgettable experience! With a yacht you can reach places otherwise inaccessible which makes it perfect way to see more, learn more, experience more, especially at places like Caribbean or Thailand.

If you have a soul of an explorer and you want to spend the holidays of your life - these are trips for you!

Sample day on a yacht during Sail & Explore trip



Sometimes you will wake up to the gentle rocking of the boat on the morning tide - especially in the tropics it's popular to spend a night at anchor, but it's not a rule. Departure is usually (but not always) quite early, but only 1-2 people are needed to help your skipper - the rest can snooze.



When everyone feels like getting up it's time to have a breakfast under sail (if you haven't had one in the marina). Meanwhile your skipper leads the boat to the new exciting places. After few hours a stop for coral reef snorkeling and free diving! We always try to vist all the best spots!



After snorkeling, sail some more and arrive to the final destination. It's exploration time! Historic old town? Caribbean jungle? Thai waterfalls? Seychellois nature park? Quads? Caves? Scooters? Paragliders? Bike? Hike? Volcano? It depends where you are! Possibilities are waiting!



When done with sightseeing, get your well deserved relax! Discover local cuisine, spices, drinks and entertainments unavailable anywhere else. Learn the different habits, traditions, beliefs and customs. Meet new exotic people and enjoy the new scenery and nature around you!



Party at the most extraordinary locations in the world! Dance on the bar, in the tropical forest, in a club on Ibiza and at the raft restaurant! Have fun at 30th floor of Bangkok hotel and on a luxurious 50 ft catamaran. Find and cross your limits, take the best from your life!

Blue ribbons mark a special offers for the adventurous. We do not organise trips in this formula very often, but if you manage to get a place on one of them you can be sure of getting the lifetime experience. It could be the offshore regatta, it could be the ocean passage, it coud be the few-days-long hauls or the cold seas. It is all about the true offshore sailing not for faint hearted - but on the other hand you don't need to be an experienced sailor either!

Perfect trips for adrenaline addicts, a dream of the life adventure coming true! And not only for the old sea dogs!

Sample day on a yacht during Sail & Adventure trip



You can not fit the adventure into the rigid timeframe, so do not treat this description like a bus timetable. In the morning you might be watchkeeping or seting the sail, entering or leaving the harbour! You might be sleeping or still partying in a port tavern! Forget the city routine!



No matter if you are at sea or at harbour, life onboard has its own rhythm measured by watchkeeping system. It is someone's duty to cook a meal, someone else is taking care of the boat and the course. The rest of the crew should be resting and gathering strength for their turn. Together you make a crew with the common purpose!



The yacht is your home and the means of transport to the most amazing places! Take care of it and cooperate with the rest of the crew and you will discover the most amazing places - wild fjords, hidden bays, quiet villages and open oceans! Feel the freedom of sailors!



Feel the affiliation to the community of sailors from all over the world and ignore the boundaries! Dock in the marina and have fun with the crews of the smallest yachts and largest ships, share experiences and emotions! Nothing beats the feeling of getting to a safe harbour.



Take a challenge and stretch your limits! Sail at day, at night, in the storm and in the calm. Sail for a few hours or for a few days...

"It isn't that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better."

- Sir Francis Drake


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