How to choose a sailing yacht for your holidays?

We made this decision super-easy for you! We divided our boats into 3 classes: standard, comfort & premier. While booking you select chosen class with just one simple click. That's all you have to do! No boat knowledge needed!





Standard Class
Comfort Class
Premier Class

Best value for money. It is a perfect solution for those who want to save on a yacht in order to be able to spend more on small pleasures during the voyage.
Accommodate 8-10 persons.

Balance between accessibility and luxury. Better-equipped and newer than Standard line boats, they look better and give more sailing pleasure.
Accommodate 8-10 persons, but noone sleeps in a mess room!

Modern and spacious. Most impressive units in our fleet, offering plenty of space in the cabins and on deck. These draw attention of passers‑by.
Accommodate 8-10 persons, but noone sleeps in a mess room!


Klasa Standard
Klasa Comfort
Klasa Premier

Reliable, proven and practical yachts. Few years older than the rest of our fleet (10-15 years), have less frills, but they are equipped with all the essential and necessary devices. Good enough to ensure successful holidays.

Very good vessels but not yet over the top. At a reasonable price they offer a lot of features, modern design and comfort characteristic of contemporary designed yachts. Age: 5-11 years.

Best equipped and full of amenities. On board some, you can expect such luxuries as air conditioning, power generator, electric toilets, electric winches, stern platform that opens automatically. Yachts up to 5 years old.


Klasa Standard - mesa
Klasa Comfort
Klasa Premier

STANDARD yacht interior is clean and tidy, but no longer smells of new paint. Comfortably accommodates crew of 8-10 people. Cabins are usually designed for ergonomics and simplicity rather than excessive luxury.

COMFORT offers plenty of comfort and space. In the cabins there are numerous lockers, bathrooms are bigger, common space is spacious well lit and tastefully finished. For your conveniance none of the participants sleeps in a mess room.

Interior finish of PREMIER class yachts can be compared to a five-star hotel. Leather, exotic wood, and designer lighting. Equipment items such as icemaker or espresso machine are likely to be there. For your conveniance none of the participants sleeps in a mess room.


Klasa Standard - deck
Klasa Comfort - deck
Klasa Premier - deck

Deck of STANDARD class yacht is characterized by high functionality and provides helmsman with a very good overview of the situation on the water. The space is designed primarily for comfort and safety on board during sailing, but you will certainly find a place to sunbathe.

On the deck of COMFORT class yachts, there is more room and more convenient places to work on a holiday tan. You will find here clever technological solutions to facilitate both the helmsman as well as less involved crew.

Standing on a PREMIER class yacht provides superyacht experience - plenty of space, all finished with a nice exotic wood, sundeck is located at the bow. All designed to give maximum freedom and comfort, especially at harbour.


Klasa Standard - kokpit
Klasa Comfort - kokpit
Klasa Premier - kokpit

Cockpit of the STANDARD line yacht seats entire crew for example to have a common lunch in the open air, but little more than that - at least everything is handy! Transition to the stern can be a bit tight and folding bathing platform is rare. Accessories on board are always efficient, but limited to essential items.

Cockpit of COMFORT line yachts is clearly better equipped, you will find here more electronics and amenities. Navigating through it is more convenient. While you lie down with a good book anyone can pass easily. During bathing at anchor in the bay ladder will not be overcrowded. In the evening, you can enjoy pleasant sound from external speakers of such brands like Bose and Pioneer.

Command post at PREMIER class yacht is a true work of art combining decades of experience in shipbuilding with the latest technical achievements. Packed with electronics, finished with the utmost care, tastefully illuminated by LEDs emphasizing the class of yacht and eye-catching the marina. Numerous amenities as electric winches, hydraulic aft platform and much more!


Katamaran kokpit
Katamaran - mesa

For some of our cruises you can also select berths on a CATAMARAN yacht. Due to extended width catamarans always offer more space than monohulls of the same length - therefore we always qualify them for at least comfort class but usually we offer them to you in premier standard. Just as single-hull yachts, catamarans are of different standards depending on the size, model and age. We especially recommend them to those who appreciate the comfort of staying on board - catamarans do not tilt under sails, have the cockpit and cabin at the same level (no stairs), and the net between the hulls on the bow is the ideal place for sunbathing or even sleeping under the starry sky during warm summer nights.


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