Sailing holidays costs and payments

Pay quickly and with ease! After making a reservaton you have 24 hours to confirm your booking by paying the first installment. The remaining part of the price is split into convenient installments.

  • Bank transfer
  • PayU
  • PayPal

Bank transfer

You can pay by wire transfer to a traditional bank, post office or using a mobile banking. As a transfer title type the reservation number, your name and a surname and the name of a trip. This way you can pay for someone else, or someone can pay for you. The payment will appear on your User Account after 2 working days.


In the last step of the reservation you can pay automatically using PayU. You don't have to do it right away, you can go back to PayU payments later in your User Account. You can also take advantage of PayU Installments and split the payment up to 36 pieces! PayU will add 1% commission. Payment will be immediately visible in your User Account.


In the last step of the booking you will also have the opportunity to choose automatic payments with PayPal. PayPal will add 3% commission. Payment will be immediately visible in your Customer Account.

Payments for group bookings

With group bookings you have access to all of the above-mentioned payment methods. Person making the mulitiperson reservation (a.k.a. main booker) holds the responsibility for paying for the reservation in one of the following ways:

  • If the main booker provides e-mail adressess of his/her friends while making a reservations, all participants will be notified via mail and everyone will get access to the booking management and payments
  • Main booker can pay for all participants by paying the total price of the booking
  • Main booker may pass details of traditional bank transfer and amounts to other participants and everyone pays for themself by puting in a title of the transfer: the reservation number, his/her name and surname, the name of the trip

Book cruise now - pay later!

You do not have to pay the total amount right away!

We have split our payments into 3 painless installments:

  • Within 24h from booking
  • 60 days before the trip
  • 30 days before the trip
  • PayU - alternative splitting

I installment
30% of total amount

Within 24 hours from making the reservation, an advance payment of 30% of the total trip price is required. Advance payment confirms the booking. In the case of refraining from paying the advance, reservation will be canceled.

*During the First Minute period, advance is reduced to only 50 EUR.

2 rata

II installment
30% of total amount

No later than 60 days before the trip you must pay the second 30%.

3 rata

III installment
40% of whole amount

No later than 30 days before the departure you have to pay the remaining amount.

please, check by the way if you've ticked all of the additional options that you want and if all the data you've entered is correct.

3 rata

Payu installments

As an alternative, you can use PayU installments. It allowes you to pay in up to 36 installments.

What is included in a price of the sailing trip


There are plenty of things that you’ll get included in the price, but there will also be few for which you will need to refer to your wallet.

Included in the price

  • Place on a yacht / cabin / whole yacht
  • Services of a professional skipper
  • Boat deposit insurance
  • Tourist tax
  • Transit log (final cleaning of the yacht, bed linen, towels, cooking gas)
  • Maps, navigation aids
  • Yacht equipment
  • Dinghy with an outboard engine
  • Admission to our events

Aditional costs

  • Getting there
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Food and drinks
  • Yacht fuel and mooring fees
  • Food & tips for your skipper and hostess


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