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Canary Islands

Sub-tropical exotic islands closer than you think. This beautiful archipelago of volcanic islands is situated off the west coast of Africa and is in fact already a part of Micronesia. You can fly there from Europe for example with ... Ryanair! The islands belong to Spain and consist of two provinces: Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. In total there are 8 large isles plus hundreds of smaller ones, and what is the best way to visit all of them – we all know. That’s not everything! - stable and predictable winds make the area ideal for sailing!

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2017-10-15 - 2017-10-28

Malaga-Madeira-Canaries - Ocean Sailing - Trip #20

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450 EUR
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2017-10-15 - 2017-10-28
Canary Islands

The second stage of our expedition from the Balearic Islands to the Canaries. Cruise for lovers of adrenaline and real adventures. Start from Malaga, Gibraltar then, few-days-long jump to Madeira and the Canary Islands then! Take part in the adventure of your life!

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